Dissertation Guidelines Checklist

 The purpose of this checklist is to provide generic advice helpful to any student from any discipline. It is hoped that this will not conflict with guidelines set out by individual departments, but if it does, then your department’s policy must take priority over anything contained here

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1. Is the spelling and grammar accurate? Have you made use of the Spelling and Grammar check facilities in Word and proof read your work?

2. Is the punctuation accurate?

3. Have you provided adequate references to material consulted for the dissertation? Are the references complete and presented consistently and accurately?

4. Are the quotations presented consistently and accurately?

5. Does every figure and photograph have a caption and is it referred to in the text? A caption is a short piece of text immediately below the figure or photograph that describes what it is.

6. Is every table, diagram or photograph and map referred to in the text included in a table of figures/tables?

7. Have you numbered all the pages? Have you got all the compulsory pages?

8. Have you included a title page? See Student Handbook Guidance on Major Assessment Tasks for suggested text. 

9. Have you included a table of contents? Ensure that the section headings and page numbers referred to in the list of contents match up with the actual headings and page numbers in the document.

10. Have you included a completed statement of originality? See Student Handbook Guidance on Major Assessment Tasks for suggested text. 

11. Have you included an abstract? This is a 200 word summary of the whole dissertation.

12. Have you adjusted the margins? Left hand – 30mm Right hand – 20mm Top – 20mm Bottom – 20mm

13. Is the body of the text in a conventional font (such as Arial or Calibri font size 12)?

14. Have you got each chapter starting on a new page?

15. Do you have 1 copy of the dissertation printed on white A4 paper?

16. Have you saved it to your N Drive? Emailed it to your Marjon account? Do you have electronic copies on memory stick in Word format)?

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